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Wolfland Computers and Hobby

Have you tried turning it on and off again?

Computer Repair
and More

 We can implement and 3d print your parts and/or design.  Call or email for feasibility.
mk10 gmls 
  Guided Missile
Launching System Models

Online Store

  We design custom R/C products such as
the Ely, MN USFS DHC-2 Beaver.
Solid State Drive
Speed Tests

Make your computer faster!!!
World's Largest Handheld Fidget
(It's marketing,
it doesn't have to be true)
fidgetfidget3D Printed! 
XL Fidget
$24 Free Shipping

Colors (Main/Secondary)

3D Printed Souvenir Canoes
canoe ely mn

Wolfland also designs and builds electro-mechanical projects such as the
Mk 10 Guided Missile Launching System (GMLS) model launching homemade or Estes rockets.  
We also designed a Lure Mobile for an aquarium.
  lure mobile
lure mobile

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